Slime Time

Jakepeter & Radamus getting their slime on! Thanks for taking the pics & vid's MCCur37 w/ a slight reference (vid only) to gamerbeater.
  1. Looks like I'm about to wolf out!
  2. Tricked into saying the magic words, "I don't know.."
  3. Jakepeter had to wait 10-15 minutes before we could begin taking pictures. The batteries went out. Actually, I just wanted to test out the slime...
  4. "Radamus!"
  5. "We're not worthy, we're not worthy!"
  6. Jakepeter, you just got slimed! Now what are you going to do? (Of course, I hope you guys have fun at Epcot.)
  7. "Ugh, Zilch, what was in that burger?"
  8. "Water," I said, as I attempted to clean off the slime. We really had fun this day.
  9. Radamus<Jakepeter>(MCCUR37 photographer) Before getting Slimed & Watered!! (Notice our shirts)
  10. Jakepeter & Radamus take turns barfing after eating @ Barth's Eatery.
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