View Full Version : New Information on my WTYO site. Please support us

April 8th, 2005, 05:09 PM
Hey folks,
Just to let you know that I interviewed Kevin Somers for my WTYO site. His answers were short and he doesn't remember alot of the events but it was great to get an interview from him as I found him the best kid actor in it. Also I have a DVD Petition page on the site as you know alot are requesting the sister show YCDTOTV to be on DVD like the other TV series that are and let's all request for WTYO as well since it was the same show as well and I believe CTV may have all the eps but they are copywritten so no info is given out but if they see us all signing the DVD petition (Which I will let CTV know) then maybe it will be out on DVD along with WTYO. Again please help out by having it available to the public. Christine McGlade says she'll help support it too. Also I have Press Photo thanks to Jim Clarke on the site. Check it all out. http://www.wtyo.tk