View Full Version : Looking For All The Extras

January 17th, 2007, 12:19 AM
i'm looking for eps of WTYO, Don't Look Now, Turkey TV, the 'family guy' YCDTOTV episode, the 1981 'i love the 80's 3-D' YCDTOTV episode, "Uncle Willy & Floyd", any extra nick commercials/slime-ins, '79 YCDTOTV eps (other than the 3 known '79s), unedited versions of the '81 YCDTOTV eps, the original unedited 84 ep 'body parts', the original 1 hour 'worst of', and just anything/everything else YCDTOTV related.. i have the 133 ep set, but the quality isn't the greatest (heavy pixelation due to copying at high speeds i suspect), so i'd also be interested in finding a better quality set of the 133 eps including the 30 minute 'worst of', as well as the tv movie "UFO Kidnapped".. i'd rather buy, but i also have shows to trade including 'double dare', 'silver spoons', 'small wonder', and more, just msg me.. i know it's a stretch to expect any one person would have ALL of these 'extras', but even if you don't want to sell/trade what you have personally, any info as to what is and is not known to be in existance would be appreciated and helpful to us newcomers..