View Full Version : Lost WTYO episodes found for DVD trading. Attn: Charles Hodges

January 28th, 2009, 02:12 AM
That's right folks after 5 years of waiting Jim Clarke sent us the promotional copies of 4 episodes that he found of Whatever Turns You On plus they happen to be the lost episodes that no one taped when it aired in 1979 on CTV or in 1988-89 on YTV when it came on in re-runs.
The show has a counter on each episode plus they didnt put in the canned laughter, music intros or certain sound effects as well as having a few minute blank spaces for commercial breaks. All of them are in A+ quality. However the 4th one has no audio at all.
However the 4th one has no audio at all. The second episode on the DVD is the full promo version of Drama Lessons in which the only existing copy was taped on YTV and stopped recording when Max Webster came on as a musical guest but now you can see the whole thing.

Please go to our site at www.wtyo.tk to find out how to get these shows as we'd like you all to be happy. I know our index page has some pop ups but once you click on the image to enter the site then there's none. We care about you viewers as we tried hard to find them but please read the FAO on the page where it shows the info about these shows and how we deal with the shows. I'm sure you'll all be happy.

Also Charles Hodges or anyone who knows him can they please have him contact me at gregtiderington@shaw.ca as he has WTYO shows I'd like to get from him and made a copy especially for him on the shows as he liked to trade any YCDTOTV marterial or educational material and found some educational shows that his students would have fun watching called Read All About It and would be more than happy to give him these shows too.
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