View Full Version : WTYO full episodes found from a YTV taping

October 28th, 2009, 04:56 AM
Hey folks,
I wanted to tell you about some found episodes that are fully recorded from a YTV broadcast which includes the band thanks to a fellow named Dan Poirer who is an honorary administrator with Greg Tiderington and Erich Reinhardt for the WTYO site at http://www.wtyo.tk and we are going to rebuild the site as the main guy Greg isn't satisfied with it and make it look better along with a Les Lye memorial too.
The shows that were found with full bands on it are Child Protection/Social Worker as Kevin Page performs "Poor Little Rich Girl (Don't You Cry)" which is one of the best numbers ever from the series, Frights/Repeats with Troiano performing "We aAll Need Love", Drama Lessons with Max Webster performing "Paradise Skies", Lottery with Alma Faye Brooks performing "Don't Fall in Love", Boss Helal with Kevin Page performing "I Could Never Love Someone" and a not so great audio sounding of Commercial Programming due to an old tape and Alma Faye Brooks performing "It's Over" is cut off accidentally but we still have the promo episode of her performing. To top it off there's a full episode of Kevin Somers Rock Star too. The quality is very good for a show that was taped 21 years ago and we are going to do DVD trading but the opening is cut out, however. Also, Erich will be making a menu of the complete series including restored versions with the bands cut out from a beta quality version of the bands that were not listed on here as well as some on the promo versions on some dvds for trading hopefully before 2010 so you can have them all in order with the opening credits on all of them and commercial free.
What we'd like is to find some YTV broadcasts or A+ quality versions of the full episodes of Superstitions, Kidnapping/Transit, Summer Camp/Fan Letters, Concert/Library and Commercial Programming which includes all the bands (We have these shows but some of the bands are missing on certain episodes). We are also looking for any episodes of Uncle Willy & Floyd as that aired alot on YTV from the beginning so some of you must have it too.
Does anyone have the very early seasons of the Beachcombers from the 1970's? That one I would be willing to trade as well. Please let me know.