1. Long standby intelligent machine Lenovo P77

    (Dongying market) le Phone embarked with 1G system, 4.5 inch screen, but most attract sb.'s attention or the longest piece of network standby of up to 644 hours of battery, the amazing.Before the machine at the merchant Jia Dongying hypermarkets offer 1698 yuan, interested friends can contact the seller.
    Lenovo can be regarded as an upgraded version of P700i, with a 4.5 inch IPS screen, 960x540 resolution, integrated camera, after the first 300000.Based on the hardware configuration of MediaTek ...
  2. The Acer VERITON A430 one machine a new def

    "Green office" is undoubtedly in recent years is one of the hot topics, Acer as a leading supplier Sony VAIO VGN-C25T/G akku, has always insisted on his walk in front of the "green office", and the Acer A430 is Acer this year for the enterprise to create "green office" model, and it appears it will redefine the "green office".
    Deft design waste to treasure when you get a new Acer VERITON A430 one machine, you will find it the packaging accounted for ...
  3. IPhone5S or released next June to Samsung n

    IPhone5 has not officially listed in China, according to foreign media reports, Android mobile phone in the face of fierce competition, Apple will break in the past two years to build the existing product iteration model, launched in June by iPhone 5S.
    According to the Wall Street investment bank Jefferies analyst Peter Misek forecast, Apple's iPhone 5S will have new HD cameras and HD screen, and will support wireless charging and close pay (NFC) function.
    Not only that, according ...
  4. Save thousands of Yuan Acer A500 tablet com

    Acer Iconia Tab A500 (32G) by Nvidia Tegra tablet computer 250 dual-core processor, 1GB of memory and a 32GB capacity, strong performance, with the ultimate entertainment experience and rich connectivity.
    At present, the products in Amazon's bid for the 2699 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.Acer Iconia Tab A500 plate to provide more extensive and interactive experience, 10.1 inch multi-touch screen allows fingertip to touch operation, for games and other entertainment experience, ...
  5. Samsung S3 for 7 consecutive months won the

    According to the well-known British consumer website uSwitch newest data shows, Samsung GALAXY S Ⅲ from May world premiere date, successive 7 months by British intelligence mobile phone sales charts at the throne.
    Even though the much-anticipated iPhone 5 has been listed for 3 months, but still can not stop GALAXY S Ⅲ momentum.Samsung Electronics as 2012 as flagship model, GALAXY S Ⅲ in design, hardware configuration and humanized features several aspects under the foot of the work, ...
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