1. Acer Acer products gathered wonderful - Oly

    Hot summer cool machine, as the Olympic break tribute, June 27, 2012, Acer Acer Jiangsu regional summer will be mobilized and summer new conference at the Shanshui Grand Hotel in Nanjing staged passion, this is the Acer Acer following the initiation of the "Olympic strategy" since another large-scale activities.
    In the new conference, under the Acer macro Qiqi, notebook, desktop machine, netbooks and other star product, in the activities of the one one grand debut, the site was ...
  2. China mobile mobile phone mobile phone appl

    &#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 apple M9627J/A akku;while shopping in the store ,do not need to bring the wallet ,only need to accept the terminal brush your mobile phone ,you can easily pay ;sit public transportation subway taxi ,take the mobile phone card reader in charge before gently flash ,can cool to pay the fare ;or is more prevalent in the mobile phone surf the Internet ,watch video ,e-mail ,chat ,send micro-blog .
    .. ... Ten years ...
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