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  1. I posted the Slime Time video.
  2. Like my new profile picture? I'll keep it up for a little while, yet.
  3. I posted the pictures in a new album, "Slime Time." You should post some of them on your page, too.
  4. Hey, dont get upset about the posting notification. They just don't want the empty posting. Understand?<<I got one as well. I sent a reply that we were just chatting with excitement and wouldn't last long.
  5. So then make a post in something your pretty sure i won't post in (there are threads that I can't really make a post out of; your just jelous.)

    The answer is impossible (or it's a half-breed) because a knight is a knight when it says what it is and an elve would be a knight too if it said what it is.
  6. Stop posting already.<<That meant exactly what it states.-- Your taking over my name in all the posts.<<That meant you were filling the board over & over. It did NOT mean I wanted to take over the board.--My word, I am an adult who works in education/ Social Skills.<<Thats not for you, Jakepeter11. It is for anyone who reads it who doesn't understand what I mean. Like, "He who is not to be named," because he'll erase it.<<This is not totally serious. Just a play based on something real.<<That also is for, "He who is not to be named." LOL
  7. count floyd beat you again, but i just beat him, ur now 3rd and i'm 1st, 146 points!
  8. Just took !st place from Count Floyd on squirrel family octopus!!
  9. I included you in another Thread. Telling people to be nice to you so you can...
  10. Jacob, Vote for Seattle!!!
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