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  1. I'm sorry. I just noticed this now! lol Nice to meet you Billy. So you worked down in Roppongi? I have to take frequent trips there just to go to the hair salon. None up here in Tohoku. I'm in the Yamagata area. It's awesome that you worked in such a place. How's your Japanese? Did you forget a lot of it? Mine is really sucky. lol
  2. Welcome to the Forums Wendy, Hajimemas-hite douzo yoroshiku, Watashi wa Birri desu. I miss Japan. Lived there for four years. I lived in Aobadai 青葉台, and worked in Roppongi 六本木 (Tokyo, 東京) at TV Asahi on a show that I was a part called Sma-Station...

    The hyphen (-) in Hajimemas-hite was put there because the S and the HIT would get ****
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