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  1. Check this out!!!
  2. Like my new profile picture? I've been Slimed!You can check out me and jakepeters pictures in the Slime Time Album
  3. I'll have to get back to you on that one. But, I assume you asked a question in which you have an answer
  4. ok, since you LIVE to confuse me, here's somethin for ya:

    There are 2 types of people in the forest: the knight and the elf. the knights NEVER EVER lie no matter what, and the elves NEVER EVER tell the truth no matter what. You are walking through the forest, and you see a shadowy figure. The figure says "I am an elf." which is it?

    try that on for size!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I did join ur social groups....both of them!!!!!! And I posted a rumor
  6. Hey, smiley, did you join my social groups yet? Why not? Come on, leave a joke, or ask your mom to help you spread a rumor. But don't ask your dad. He'll make fun of me, as usual. Besides, I am the Publisher!! Ha ha ha ha!
  7. Hi guess who it is uncle!!! It's your favorite niece!!
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