You Can Drink To That on Television

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A lady seen red is now seen blue,
with someone who drinks beer from a shoe.
In a parody of shorts they have come,
that have parents who are so dumb.
When you see the similarities your brain will say HELLO,
while thinking of a cartoon family who are yellow.
Watch the things that are the same,
for we just invented the "You Can't Do That" Simpsons game.

Drinks Rewards/Punishments
Anytime you see...
Similarities - Sip
Blue Hair - Sip
Someone drinking beer - Drink as long as they do
Kwik-E-Mart's Hotdogs/Nachos - Chug
"Thank you, come again!" - finish what's left in your glass/bottle

Please drink responsibly and Don't be an idiot... Stay away from driving, boating and flying aircraft.