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In January, this year, come from west to invite a gram Hilton's Er in London of the county thin Er the ophthalmology hospital accepted Zhan Mu Si class strange(James Bainbridge) doctor in the cloth for 50,000 RPE cells that he injects www.uscoachoutletonlineup.com, this injects quantity very small, inject part right eye retina is at him of under.After the animal tested successfully, the research and medical personnel did huge devotion to ensure the safety of this"human body first attempt".
Is careful still keep being the key that experiments this time, though this is no longer the first-time human body to experiment a stem cell.Hilton is the third patient who accept a stem-cell treatment in the whole world, front two all the occurrence is in the United States, is upheld implementation by a hero's dragon(Geron) that more has adventurous spirit company in California, purpose is treatment paralyze.The dream of Jie Long company is very great and fine, they want to let a superman impersonation Chris give the friend of paralyzing of the Fu inside man(Christopher Reeve)(is died) disease to re- realize the felling for standing.But because of economy of the recession has already let it is can hardly for them to collect to continue on trial funds, and experiment 4 medium sufferers to also have no report that the condition improves. Is similar to ACT, hero's dragonses promise the safety of its clinical trial, so they combine the not exactly will suffer wound because the test-receiver didn't have a progress in standing and running about, but they really need to bear huge public finance risk.Therefore, when ACT experiments the report of getting the condition improvement of test-receiver, their chief science officer Luo uncle especially the orchid firm(Robert Lanza) Doctor show unintentionally of the excitement is not and amazingly.
ACT is experimenting, a female test-receiver who gets a Sargartdt's disease can already count his/her own pure finger now, the alphabet inside can recognize the letter of alphabet of also more and more.But before curing, the hand shadow that can feel a rock of her eyes."One among the sufferers can already see time of pure watch combining he or she to stroll market."The orchid is firm to introduce, this is a treatment that has much of prospect.We was used a little amount cell, treatment condition highly developed patient, can get result like this coach factory outlet online.To those baby patients who haven't become blind, the effect should be better.
But the Jie Long company finally still decides to transfer the funds center of gravity to in the cancer from the stem cell.When they declare this news coach factory outlet, industry one hiss.Newcastle University teaches moxa Li Sen many Mos like this evaluation way:"Speak from the angle of business, give relief to paralyze a patient really is a quite good idea, but also present a huge greed.This may isn't suitable for is the starting point of stem-cell treatment." But college university in London is cardiovascular to fasten to teach John Martin(John Martin) to think then that the stem cell of Jie Long company experiments to have" essential blemish"."For this the result for experimenting, we were more early clear than heart."
Is different from other stem-cell scientists, the ophthalmology of university college in London's teaching skin section is thin(Pete Coffey) but mean support to hero's dragon especially.He calls hero's dragon"in advance" coach outlet online.A series of stem cell treatment that hero's dragon cooperated with the United States nation State Food and Drug Administration(FDA) to complete takes charge of of foundation work, this after all for afterwards the person swept away some obstacles.But these(do a stem-cell treatment of) organizations are all burning money, their days all lead tightly to expect something to expect.Although have never reported to announce, the section is thin to declare, hero's dragon experiments medium spinal column harm the sufferer have already expressed improved evidence."The stem cell of hero's dragon experiment still is continuing, the stem-cell treatment will be a protracted warfare and especially

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