70 after parents said their children

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Perseverance 1,70 after parents said their children: children and generations ago parents not the same as when we're old, will go directly to the nursing home, you do not consider us the MBT Shoes courage to go your own way of life! "
Children a cry: "You mean I can not continue to live at home, can not spend your pension?
2, the doctor said to her husband: "Your wife's body is no big problem, you go home after everything down her little, as far as possible do not tell her quarrel, What are the requirements to try to meet her, it is MBT Sale best to take her out to travel twice year, let her keep the spirit of joy, will soon be better. "
Her husband home, said to his wife: "The wife, the doctor said that this disease did not rule."
3, at noon in the office nothing to do, my drawer and took out a small mirror and scissors to cut me some long bangs children.
Home at night, I pulled her husband MBT Shoes UK and asked: "Look at my bangs child shear how well?"
The husband glanced muttered: "not."
I said: "I'm not on the outside shear own blind cut, not a penny to spend."
Husband staring at my child's bangs Moncler USA looked carefully said: "good, really good, you will tell me how?"
Office, Mike looked at calendar sigh: "festival of this month too. Double Twelve doomsday carnival, Christmas Eve, Christmas ...... gimmick too much."
Wang sister said with a smile: MBT Australia festive multi not good? Festivals and more joyful and more romantic opportunity, and your girlfriend contacted opportunity, ah, at least the nominal discount shopping you. "
Li said: "nice, but light festivals, the light romantic nor hair holiday expenses, not enough to spend money, this is not humiliate people?"