Samsung S3 for 7 consecutive months won the

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According to the well-known British consumer website uSwitch newest data shows, Samsung GALAXY S Ⅲ from May world premiere date, successive 7 months by British intelligence mobile phone sales charts at the throne.
Even though the much-anticipated iPhone 5 has been listed for 3 months, but still can not stop GALAXY S Ⅲ momentum.Samsung Electronics as 2012 as flagship model, GALAXY S Ⅲ in design, hardware configuration and humanized features several aspects under the foot of the work, not only into the natural design elements and ultra high-end hardware configuration, with a lot of exercise one's inventive mind is more humanized intelligent experience such as "intelligent transmission" (S Beam) Compaq Evo N1000C-470040-111 akku, "somatosensory dial" (Direct Call) and other functions to this model to create a humanized intelligent pronoun.
In the GALAXY S Ⅲ before birth, we believe that two mobile phone can be passed back to back simple touch can transmit hundreds of megabytes of video files, but also completely unable to imagine a smart mobile phone can be in your behavior moment for you to think that Ta.
Meanwhile, GALAXY S Ⅲ detachable battery design Compaq Evo N800W-470060-372 akku, extensible storage card design also received great acclaim.GALAXY S Ⅲ user can change at any time without the need to carry bulky battery mobile power supply, also can through a memory card at any time extended memory, not to increase the 16G space and extra nearly 1000 yuan "day price" cost, which are tangible benefit.
Especially in such an intimate practical intelligent mobile phone, price still can be accepted by most of the population, no wonder it is global consumers repeng.GALAXY S Ⅲ strong product sales force is to create myth on the one hand, intelligent mobile phone users mentality has become the hot of another driver.
Growing with time not only intelligent mobile phone processor speed, the size of the screen, and the user purchase the rational degree.More and more consumers in the choice of mobile phone has been out of the suit from the circle, will not be hasty to make purchasing decisions, but according to their actual needs to be screened and judgment.
And become the arcade iPhone has lost the once elite sense of identity, and therefore lost many high-end users Acer Aspire 3002WLCi akku.GALAXY S III will soon usher in Android 4.1 (jelly beans) system upgrade apple MA611J/A akku, at the same time iPhone 5 also in the global area began selling.
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