IPhone5S or released next June to Samsung n

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IPhone5 has not officially listed in China, according to foreign media reports, Android mobile phone in the face of fierce competition, Apple will break in the past two years to build the existing product iteration model, launched in June by iPhone 5S.
According to the Wall Street investment bank Jefferies analyst Peter Misek forecast, Apple's iPhone 5S will have new HD cameras and HD screen, and will support wireless charging and close pay (NFC) function.
Not only that, according to the Misek version of iPhone in appearance may also change the classic black and white color dell 5208U akku, imitation iPod Touch launched 6-8 colors, the color to the end.In September this year, Apple released a new generation of iPhone 5 mobile phone, although appear on the market after 3 days of sales volume breaks through 5000000, but still lower than the industry expected.
In iPhone 4S period, "the world's most popular intelligent mobile phone" laurel is Samsung claimed, the Galaxy S III mobile phone in the third quarter of the year sales volume amounts to 18000000, the market share reached 10.
7%, higher than that of iPhone 4S 9.7%.Not only such, Samsung also will be in January next year to the United States during CES published Galaxy S4, bound to the apple iPhone 5 cause greater impact HP OmniBook 6000-F2044WR akku.An analysis of expected, apple if not accelerate the iterative cycles, the new listing in front of passive period will be more and more obvious.
Now in the first half of this year a lot of people are waiting for the iPhone 5 Compaq Presario CQ42-232TU akku, which directly leads to the apple before season two iPhone sales fell significantly.Review of Apple released the iPhone series timeline, you'll find out, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 were released in ninety months earlier, while iPhone3G and iPhone 4 in six or seven months.
If Apple will now iPhone 5S listing time lead Samsung R45-K007 akku, can avoid the whole sales are concentrated in the second half of the situation.Analysts believe that the iPhone 5S will be similar to iPod touch colorful
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