So where does a golfer

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So where does a golfer go when they are experiencing real anguish and heartache about their golf game? The mygolfguru website offers golfers and beginners the opportunity to learn and improve their golf swing at a pace that suits them, all from the comfort of their own home. The program has been specifically designed to allow interaction between student and teacher. The Golf Guru has spent thousands of hours producing an easy to follow system that is delivered via written text, audio narration, pictures, interactive tests and video. You can also leave feedback for the Golf [url=http://www.golfjoy.org/discount-43-TaylorMade-2008-r7-CGB-Max-Irons-3-9PS.html][b]taylormade r7 cgb[/b][/url] Guru to absorb and respond to.

You do not want too much lateral movement. If you shift your weight too much to the right on the backswing, you may be getting your weight outside your right foot. Make sure when you turn in [url=http://www.golfjoy.org/][b]Discount Golf Clubs[/b][/url] the backswing, you turn so that your weight shifts to the inside of the right foot. On the downswing and follow through, make sure to stay balanced and behind the ball slightly, instead of feeling like you are moving forward too far.

The really clever part is in the timing, each level in the program is drip fed, so you won't be over loaded with technical jargon and difficult to understand terminology. This unique coaching system ensures you will start improving your golf game immediately with in depth knowledge and experience from [url=http://www.golfbuy.org/][b]golf equipment for sale[/b][/url] one of the leading PGA voices in golf instruction.
The whole program really delivers a no nonsense approach to helping golfers get the most from their golf swing. This really is a genuine and affordable solution for those who are serious about improving their golf game.