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Missing Persons awareness PSA

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  • Missing Persons awareness PSA

    The Australian Federal Police recently put out a PSA to mark National Missing Persons Week.

    While it is powerful, you have to admit they are trying to manipulate the audience emotionally. Using a father and young daughter as the ones left behind, rather than a father and young son. It'd be interesting to see how the dialogue would've come off had they had a different kid in the role. Particularly the bit about wanting a new car.

    The kid is carrying a birthday present at the start of the short - that must be why she's wearing the fancy hair band and special outfit - they are on their way to a children's birthday party. I think the Rapunzel hair is just because most people still emotionally associate long hair with femininity. But like i said, the PSA would play out differently with a little boy. Sad little girls make adults feel protective.