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Vic's Vacant Lot memories

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  • Vic's Vacant Lot memories

    Remember a show ESPN aired in the early 80's which featured many fun athletic activities for kids?

    One of them I was particularly had a pure enjoyment was playing a version of fungo ball in my grandparent's rather expansive backyard (which, in actuality could have had a smaller home standing in place of all that extra lawn space). Some rather quirky rules I adapted as a teen were that any wiffle ball hit completely across the street was an automatic home run, and any ball that touched any portion of an adjacent telephone wire (whether it was directly hit by a batter or on any relay throw) was an automatic out.

    As it turned out, my grandfather planted several trees on the same land where a majority of the makeshift outfield stood some 12 years after smacking my last home run one summer in the mid 80's and I had to end up giving away my set of wiffle bats and balls to some sheltered children this past spring.

    For the record: the host of that show was a gentleman by the name of Vic Braden, and he is still performing--albeit on the tennis courts.

    Here's a link profiling his current occupation in St. George, Utah: