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THE CW remakes the Tomorrow People

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  • THE CW remakes the Tomorrow People

    Well like Canada is doing a new series containing YCDTOTV cast members...

    THE CW is doing the Tomorrow People
    Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec (Dawson's Creek) are partnering to adapt a UK drama, The Tomorrow People for The CW. The project is about young people around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution who possess special powers such as teleporting and telepathy. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil. The original series was created by Roger Price and ran from 1973-79 on ITV.

    OK, I grew up knowing Roger and he is the reason I wanted to be a producer. I'll be honest here. The CW has big shoes to fill... The Tomorrow People wasn't Roger's biggest hit (I loved the show - even the 2nd time around which included Christian Tessier) But REALLY another REMAKE?

    Good Luck to Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec, PLEASE DON'T F**K IT UP!

    Love the Creator

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    I remember when Paul McCartney's LP "Press to Play" came out, and I was in a record store soon afterward with my friend and his father; this was not too long after I had had my life altered forever by YCDTOTV, having been introduced to it by my own father. I spotted a standee of a life-sized Paul mugging and advertising the album. Being seven, I was overwhelmed with excitement: a new album by a Beatle! I expressed my excitement aloud, and my friend's father sighed and said, "Every time he makes a record, the Beatles seem less and less magical to me."

    It took me a few years to understand what he meant, or why anyone, for that matter, would react with anything other than unequivocal excitement to the arrival of a new installment of something they loved: whether it be an album by one of their favorite musicians, a sequel to one of their favorite films, or a remake of one of their favorite TV programs.

    All I can say today, from the perspective of twenty-six years in which so much of the above has come to "seem less and less magical to me," is that there are a lot of people around here holding their breath right now and saying softly some variant of the same phrase: "Please don't f**k it up..."
    "Now me, I play for fortune
    And those velvet curtain calls
    I've got a black limousine and two gentlemen
    Escorting me to the halls
    And I'll play if you have the money
    Or if you're a friend to me
    But the one-man band
    By the quick-lunch stand
    He was playing real good
    For free..."
    -Joni Mitchell


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      I'd love to see the 90's version with Christian Tessier again. I have only a fragment of a single episode of the second mini-series on tape...


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        It looks like X-men was developed from it, huh?

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          Thanks for sharing.

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            Originally posted by Adam 12 View Post
            I'd love to see the 90's version with Christian Tessier again. I have only a fragment of a single episode of the second mini-series on tape...
            I have the complete series on DVD. From Amazon UK.