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"Are You Afraid Of The Dark" has been released on

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  • adderallrules
    I'm downloading all of the episodes right now. If interested, let me know.

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  • RadamusPrime
    Oh yeah!

    I remember this show. I used to watch this every week. I started watching in Junior High. Stopped watching when I started working. Im a 2 job man. Just got one at the moment. I am waiting to see what happens with this economic crisis. I have insurance to pay all my bills for 2 years. If I have even a part-time job if I lose my regular job my insurance will be void.--In fact, I sued to have a Midnight Society with my friends. We told scary stories on Fri. or Sat nights. For a little while. My best story, "The Propman."

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  • Elainer
    My sister used to like that show. I thought it was scary.

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  • OlympicHero1
    started a topic "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" has been released on

    "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" has been released on

    Are You Afraid of The Dark? - Popular Series Available on DVD NOW!

    Posted by Gord Lacey

    Well, this may be a shocker to some people, but Are You Afraid of The Dark? season 1 is available NOW! Direct Source Special Products released the first season of the show on April 18, but only in Canada. You won't be able to find it in your local Best Buy or Circuit City in the US, but you can still order it from Canada and play it on your DVD player (both countried are region 1). We appologize for not being on top of this release in the first place, especially since Are You Afraid of The Dark? is one of the most popular shows on the site. You can order the set from for $26.99 CAN (roughly $24 US), but be aware that Amazon is listing shipping times of 5 to 8 weeks (so get your order in now before everyone else does).

    Now the next question you have is, "When is there going to be a US release?" We don't know. Direct Source obtained the rights to the first 5 seasons for Canada only, and rights to Canada and the US for the final 2 seasons. They'd love to release the first 5 seasons in the US, but their contract doesn't allow them to do it.

    Here's the information they supplied to us for the season 1 set:

    With 13 half-hour episodes, Are You Afraid of the Dark? brings scary, spooky and bone-chilling tales to life as told by the members of the Midnight Society. Each night this unique and bold group of teens meets at a secret location in the woods. Attempting to outdo one another, the members of the Society take turns telling the scariest possible stories based, in part, on their real-life experiences. Ghosts, phantons, mysterious occurences, modern vampires, weird and wicked urban legends all make an appearance during the Midnight Society's tales of terror. An X-Files for the tween set, for courageous imaginations, Are You Afraid of the Dark? delivers clever, fast-paced and unforgettable entertainment. It's no mystery why it was one of the most popular shows of the 90s. Enjoy the complete first season now!

    Episodes included in the 3 disc (325 mins) set are:

    The Phantom Club
    Laughing in the Dark
    The Lonely Ghost
    The Twister Claw
    The Hungry Hounds
    Super Specs
    The Captured Souls
    The Nightly Neighbours
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    Jake and the Leprechaun
    The Dark Music
    The Prom Queen
    The Pinball Wizard

    The DVD contains audio tracks in English, French and Spanish. There aren't any bonus features, and the suggested price of the set is $29.99 CAN; order it from for $26.99 CAN. We're also going to have news on some other shows from Direct Source posted in the next few days.