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Any 1993 or 1994 YCDTOTV with commercials

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  • Any 1993 or 1994 YCDTOTV with commercials

    This is kind of a weird, specific request. Does anyone have any YCDTOTV reruns from 1993 or 1994 with commercials?

    Actually, they don't HAVE to have commercials. I'm just looking for the "Going to Commercial/Back From Commercial" bumpers and/or, ideally, any Coming Up Next bumpers

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    Do you mean the ones with Vanessa, Ross, Chris being slimed?? I have those but I was in college then and I cant recall new bumper after that.


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      Actually, they're going to look like this:

      I have official documentation suggesting Nick made bumpers like these for YCDTOTV. Those used Crickets (at 0:16) in the video or Tandoori Nick (1:16)


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        I retract my search for YCDTOTV bumpers with Crickets music. Only the ones with Tandoori Nick remain at large.


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          I dunno if we'd really be able to see something as organized as people getting a food stamp debit card from their local church though..


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            I have Holidays recorded from late 1993 or early 1994. The com,mercial bumper is the generic "stay tuned" one, and doesn't mention YCDTOTV at all. If I ever get a DVD recorder or a new TV Tuner card, I'll rip and upload it. Otherwise, anything you wanna trade me?

            A bit of warning, though. The episode is missing it's opening, and is JIP shortly before the locker jokes. I've ade a reconstructed version as well, using the Barth's Burgery version to replace what I didn't record.

            Honestly, I'm not sure exactly when I recorded this. Everything else on the tape was recorded in late 1994 or early 1995, and by then the re-runs had stopped. I'm curious if i perhaps caught a one-off airing somewhere that no one remembers. I remember actually recording it, shocked that the show was on after not seeing it in a long time, and putting the tape in as fast as I could. I don't know...

            Does anyone have a list of the last few weekends of re-runs and what was on when? It may help me solve this mystery. It couldn't be any earlier than November 1993, as that was when I bought that particular tape. I know this, because I bought a 2 pack and began recording Simpsons episodes on one of the tapes the same day, while saving the other one for misc stuff. The first episode of the simpsons i recorded on that tape aired new in november 1993.