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    I'm curious as to some of the available versions of varios YCDTOTV episodes available. We all know of the Barth's Burgery versions of every episode. These are probably the most common online, and most of the Youtube episodes are his versions.

    Included among those are the 3 home recordings that have been going around forever of 1979 episodes, the only three known to exist until:

    The Roger Price Archive versions. These come in 2 flavors: The hard to find "origonal upload" versions of the 1979's with musical/disco segments included, and the current "youtube" version available on Chris Bryant's channel, with these editted out for copyright reasons. Also in this collection are the WTYO 1 hour pilot from the origonal CJOH broadcase. Also rumored to exist are the hour long live versions of all 1981 episodes.

    Speaking of Chris Bryany, he's got some hour long 1981's, some uncut 82's and 83's, and a lot of Barth's Burgery episodes. Some episodes have a strange bug in the top right corner, so perhaps these episodes are from an odd overseas airing.

    I've also seen episodes watermarked "The Locker Monster", who is a member here.

    These are all available online. I'm wondering what else is out there in the physical media trading circles, what might exist in personal collections, etc. I'm sure most traders have the 1999 and 2004 airings and the half episode from U-Pick. I've seen lists with various episodes recorded in various stages of Nickelodeon's life. I've seen episodes in lists copied directly from master tapes. Of particular interest to me, in these lists, are the very last airings of various episodes. The list with the "life cycle" versions had the last several weeks of YCDTOTV airing once a week on Sunday mornings in late 1993 and early 1994.

    Then there's my personal collection, and more broadly speaking our personal collections. Personally recorded, I've got half of Enemies and Paranoia from the 1999 airing. More interestlingly, I've got a very late recording of Holidays, minus the first 5 minutes or so. I'm not precisely sure when I recorded it. Everything else on the tape is from 1995! This particular tape, however, was bought in late 1993, and recorded over in various stages many times. This episode has generic "Stay Tuned" and "we're back" bumpers at the commercial breaks, in the 1993-1995 style, yellow with revolving graphics and odd music, instead of the specific You Can't Do That on Television bumpers. I'm curious if maybe it's an otherwise unknown airing between 1994 and U-Pick, parhaps in late 94 or even early 95. Does anyone know the last known airdate for Holidays?

    Finally, I'm very interested in what you guys have recorded or traded for in your personal collections. I'm also very interested in any other well known traded or online versions I didn't mention above. Thanks! One I forgot to mention is the iTunes version, which I've never personally seen for download anywhere but iTunes.

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    Here's the tape trader's website that I was referring to earlier