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Looking for WTYO episodes and other YCDTOTV material

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  • Looking for WTYO episodes and other YCDTOTV material

    Hello there, this is im4u2c here with a new name!

    Over the past two years I have been collecting episodes of WTYO. And with great luck, I have most of the series. However, I am still looking for full complete versions of the Drama Lessons, and Fan Letters/Summer Camps episodes, the three lost episodes, Educational Programming I think was one of them, and A+ quality copies of all episodes, if there is a possibility of them existing. And also, Jim Clarke if you're out there, please let us know if you have restored those WTYO episodes you found, so we can use them for tape trading and stuff like that, we hope to hear from you real soon. I am also looking for the hour-long 1981 episodes of YCDTOTV, those of which I am missing from the locals collection, and the original 1987 Worst of YCDTOTV Video. If anybody has any of these, please e-mail me at or Thanks a lot!