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    I was trying to sell these for a while but I havent gotten any hits really, and so screw it, I bought a data dvd from barths burgery for $15, and then later learned they have been long available for download at, Its a TV show bittorent tracker, many older shows are also available...

    I hope you enjoy this info, and I hope you know how to use torrents...

    PS-this is only avi files that others used to make the dvds, you will still have to encode it to SVCDDVD or VCDDVD (same way the ones for sale are) A regular DVD encode will leave you with only 4 eps per disk, with 133 eps (you do the math)... If I sound confusing, just research the terms, you will learn eventually, but to just watch on the comp you will be set!

    ALSO, If any1 has an old nick show called Fifteen, or an old YTV/Disney show called Ready or Not seasons 3-5, I would appreciate a msg! tyvm

    ::READY OR NOT IS COMPLETE::: THANK YOU ALL $35 including priority shipping for the YCDTOTV crew or I have auctions on Ebay for $37 plus shipping.

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    thanks dude

    thanks for the valuable info.... I bought some off ebay but Im goin to check this out after it (myspleen) starts to will not let me confirm... [/code]

    I got it to work right after I wrote that...lots of cool stuff kudos


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      i notice every once in a while a certain email doesnt work... (random sites, had no problem registering for myspleen) Just go to, and have fun finding an email account and you get a choice of custom .coms

      also it is always possible on a smaller place like myspleen (its way more reclusive than youd think itd be with A LOT of old stuff) that the admin just arent arround to send you verification code, or their bot is slow... ive had a few forums take up to 24 hrs


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        People are still asking for episodes, for free, THEY ARE THERE, ALL OF THEM AVAILABLE, FOR FREE, The Barths Burgery set he sells IS THE SAME that is offered at ... why so many requests for more when I made it clear all are there?


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          no they are not i tryed typing ycdtotv and got nothing.


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            I spotted at Youtube the following YCDTOTV episodes

            here the following YCDTOTV on Youtube


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              Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 6:09 pm Post subject:
              no they are not i tryed typing ycdtotv and got nothing.

              Dont mean to call you retarded, but the name of the show wasnt YCDTOT OR YCDTOTV, maybe, JUST MAYBE, it was listed under the correct name... YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION... ONLY 2 PACKETS ARE LEFT OUTTA 3, but I will look into reinstating the third, and for people who are too lazy to search with all keywords:
              Pack #1
              Pack #2

              thanks for discrediting me, sad I didnt catch it before a month passed, but STFU now!


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                does anyone have a myspleen account so i can get an invite?
                i have a demonoid account & i found 2 torrents w/ 3 episodes to ever surface from the 1979 season (when it was still on public television in Canada), the 1981-1983 season for Nickelodeon.
                more than willing to share invites for those who can.


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                  I tried to get into myspleen also, but I need an invite. If anyone wants to send me one it would be appreciated. I'm looking for YCDTOTV, MST3K and night flight shows.


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                    I think you're going to have to know someone at myspleen in order to get an invite - too bad easier places to join like Demonoid are down, or it might be easier.

                    If someone's on myspleen but doesn't have an invite, maybe they could restart the torrent on a public tracker?

                    There is a torrent at Mini Nova ( that doesn't require registration. It's a small collection (59 eps and some extras) of everything you can get online, except for the aforementioned myspleen stuff.


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                      I actually have a myspleen account, but those torrents are dead. I'm stuck at 50% with no one seeding, and it took me two months to get to that.


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                        See thread


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                          Hey man invite me to myspleen

                          if someone reads this old thread well i need into myspleen so if you could do me a solid my email is that would be cool if you invite me


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                            I'm kind of lazy to check above if this has been addressed so I'll say it anyway. I found 20 some episodes on YouTube, and I downloaded all the multi-parts of each of those 20 episodes using a software called TubeDownload, then I took the 3 parts of each episode combined them together on my video editor software (ArcSoft Showbiz) and made 1 single file out of them and once I got 7 episodes I was able to burn them to DVD. I'm working on my 4th volume now. You can find a lot of missed TV series episodes on YouTube, and you can download them my way, and burn them. It's a good alternate for when they don't release them to DVD or until they do. I'm doing this process with all my old school Nickelodeon favorites, and I'm finishing up with You Can't Do That On Television Volume 4, and next will be Nick Arcade, then Legends Of The Hidden Temple, and Nickelodeon GUTS and so on.


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                              You know I found the time to check out the link that BigWorm sent above, and let me tell you, it's better than what I submitted about YouTube. I was able to find only 20 episodes plus some short clips I burned as Bonus Material, but that link that BigWorm sent is currently downloading full season episodes of this show. So I'm going to go from 20 episodes and probally getting 4 or 5Xs that amount. Thanks BigWorm, very generious of you.

                              And those torrents on mininova that suppose to give you 8.17GB worth of episodes SUCKED. I got the 65 episodes, but something was wrong with them and my required media players couldn't view them. They ARE dead files. And also the site MySpleen is also a dead site, all I get is a page with a college girl on it. The only thing I found amusing about that torrent is that it stored 8.18 GBs worth of files on my computer in like 10 seconds. I thought it would take half a day to get that much information on my PC. But the heck with torrents, I'm currently downloading off that other thread that listed a few places above this one, and it works fine.
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