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Why can't there be more episodes?

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  • Why can't there be more episodes?

    One thing I have been wondering is why is there just one episode a week? I would love to be able to watch 2, 3, or more. I love this show and would watch episodes all day if I could. Does anyone else think there should be more episodes? Maybe a small archive of 10 or so. Just to let everyone know how much I love this show, I almost cried when I saw that you could watch episdoes. Please, everyone respond that can.

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    I have the entire series on DVD so I'm good.


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      I purchased the entire series on DVD(R), too. Even has the movie with Kevin & Alasdair abducted by aliens. Also, some episodes from before Nickelodeon. I am almost done watching the whole thing. I must say, that I am not totally sure it is the entire series. However, there are 12 discs with 12 episodes on each disc. The picture quality is okay & poor.--Yes, I almost cries myself. This show reminds me of when my family was evacuated, in the middle of the night, out of, Turkey. Our street was next to be bombed; and I saw a terrorist outside my home, in his car, for months. Bombs were going off all the time; but nothing ever happened to the school. Anyway, we left our dad to his job. I kinda snuck away to watch the show, after moving to my Grandparents. Although, I have to say, I was more scared of the Middle School than I ever was during all the bombings and shootings. In fact, I used to walk to my Dad's work after every bombing.
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        Wait a minute. How were you both able to get You Can't Do That On Television on DVD anyway? I check all the time and I never heard of this show being released at all. I'm trying to get it on DVD, and the best I can do is downloading poor quality episode parts off YouTube with my YouTube video downloader program, editing them into 1 file and burning them to DVD. In fact as I'm typing this message I'm currently making a final copy of the episode "Poverty And Unemployement."


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          yeah please give more details!!!


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