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YCDTOTV theme song origins

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  • YCDTOTV theme song origins

    I found this on Youtube and I thought it was worth reviving the old board. I believe this is part of a live album by the National Press and Allied Jazz Band, which was released in 1978. Obviously this is very close to the closing credits theme used all the way through 1990, but a little bit different from what we're used to. The end of this track has something very similar to the end of the intro theme with the dah dah dah dada duh riff.

    Here's a page with a track listing from the full album

    I never gave much thought to where the familiar theme song came from. This recording gave a lot of clarity, but I also have so many questions!

    How did this local Ottawa Dixieland band attract the attention of the YCDTOTV production staff? How popular were they in Ottawa/Canada at the time?

    Why on Earth did they go with a Dixieland cover of the William Tell overture? Not complaining at all, but it seems like an odd/random choice.

    In a 1979 episode, Ruth Buzzi tells Christine that the end riff was borrowed from Laugh-In (before giving her a major whooping!), but it seems like the National Press and Allied Jazz Band used it in 1978 (Laugh-In ran from 1967-1973). Something doesn't add up. Was it just a popular riff back then?

    Why did a different version of the song get recorded for YCDTOTV? Did the changes come from the band or requirements from the producers?

    I'd love to know more about the story of the theme song if anyone knows anything. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and find it as fascinating and haunting as I did!