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When did this happen?

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  • When did this happen?

    We have all seen teh screenshot before, but I can't figure out how to post it here. Anyway, in the middle of the slime montage at the end of the Worst of YCDTOTV, there is one where, I'm 99 percent positive it's Lisa, is standing there and then is completely covered in slime. Which episode is this from? I just recently obtained many of the episodes and I cannot find it anywhere. I know this has been discussed before on the old board, but if someone could just refresh my memory, it would be much appreciated.[/img]

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    A screen-grab of this shot is below, courtesy of

    David Dillehunt
    Director, "You Can't Do That on Film"


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      The scene is from the 1982's Ripoffs. It was one of the handful of skits deleted in late 1983 by Nickelodeon to make room for commercials, and yes, unfortunately, they chose some of the more classic skits to take out (including every locker room segment from the 1982 season). They made such poor decisions.


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        I hope if nick does put out a dvd they will put back all they had cut out.


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          It seems likely they would., but it may depend on what's ont here masters - and whats on CJOH's masters, if those are what's used for the release. But many DVD shows have scenes which were cut for time reinserted - especially when the show was released in different markets with different commercial times.