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Hello, I'm the new guy!!

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  • Hello, I'm the new guy!!

    Hello everyone.
    For some reason I began thinking about the show YCDTOT and decided to run a search for it. I should have known that this show would have still had a following. It has stuck with me since I was a little boy, and I'm glad to have found this message board. It's kinda surreal to see all of the images and history to this show that gave me so many laughs when I was little and probably would still laugh my *** off at today! For some reason I lost following the show around 1987 or so, for reasons I don't know. Possibly becuase I moved, who knows! Just wanted to say "hello" and look forward to getting to know all of ya. Peace out!!!
    ***Keeping it simple for all of the morons out there.***

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    nice to meet ya,pal.


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      Welcome to the forums!
      Bob Morris
      Head writer #3 - You Still Can't