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  • More "Where are they now?"

    (To start by emphasizing something that's been said on this board before ... when we locate the now-grown alumni of the show, we should absolutely not inundate them with fan communications about what they may look at as a fleeting chapter in their early lives, three decades ago.)

    Between the "Where are they now?" section on this site and various threads over the life of this noticeboard, we have information about post-show activities of a fair number of the kids who appeared on the show. They range across lots of fields. In the entertainment world, we have a TV producer (Christine), directors and writers (for example, Christine and Patrick), actors (Adam R., Matthew, Chris, Christian), a music producer (Luke), a TV personality (Ted), a musician (Aladair), and I'm sure lots of others.

    At least two of the performers are now physicians (Sariya and Kai); Vanessa is an urban/environmental planner; Amyas is a military analyst; and the list goes on. I believe there are ex-YCDTOTVers who are computer programmers, business owners and operators, account managers, artists, and members of many other professions. It's quite an impressive range, but probably shouldn't be unexpected, given the intelligence and energy levels of the type of people who would have been selected for the show.

    So, what fields haven't we covered yet?

    How about an antitrust lawyer?