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Your dreams were your ticket out of here...

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  • Your dreams were your ticket out of here...

    I was fascinated to see that the old message board, on which I once spent so much time, and invested so much energy and emotion, has now returned after a long hiatus. Let me be among the first to welcome you guys back.

    Unfortunately, in the intervening years an unholy (and surely unwitting) alliance between Viacom and the self-appointed YCTDOTV "gatekeepers" who have used the show and its legacy for purposes of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement has made these treasured episodes harder to see and to access, and, to my way of thinking at least, harder still to appreciate as I once did. For some of us who once loved the show passionately as a piece of art (I know, I know), we have learned the hard way in the past several years that it is in fact very much a business, and that - to channel George Strait - "it ain't cool to be crazy about YCDTOTV."

    I hope the reborn message board will reverse this trend somewhat, by bringing together those fans who still take genuine pleasure in the show, and to whom it represents a very real and significant part of their lives. I know what this show can be and mean to such a person; so it was to me. I congratulate the Slime Society on the board's return, and hope wholeheartedly that it will prosper.
    "Now me, I play for fortune
    And those velvet curtain calls
    I've got a black limousine and two gentlemen
    Escorting me to the halls
    And I'll play if you have the money
    Or if you're a friend to me
    But the one-man band
    By the quick-lunch stand
    He was playing real good
    For free..."
    -Joni Mitchell