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    Re: New Intro Clip

    Originally posted by PareiDORDia
    The great thing about Macromedia Flash is doing in a few commands what hours and countless frames of motion film footage with carefully arranged and adjusted objects required for less than a minute of intro.
    How make it sound. (sorry...saw Star Wars)
    Ric de Barros


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      Patte is blushing

      Originally posted by Ric de Barros
      An even newer clip has just been uploaded. Go to, follow the Clips link and click on Psychic Grandma. This is yet another skit from the Paranormal Activity block and you've all got to give Patte Rosebank kudos. She voices all three speaking parts - Jason, Mom, and Rhona - and if you close your eyes, you'd swear Abby Hagyard was sitting in that chair.
      Thanks, Ric!!!

      I just viewed the clip last night (now that my show has closed, and I'm not making character mascot heads any more, and I think my flu bug is in the process of moving out, so I finally have the time and energy to actually do things again). It's really freaky to hear all three character voices. Even I can't quite believe they all came out of the same person. And hearing the voice as I watch the animation of the Mom character, I can really see how close I came to capturing Abby's portrayal of the character. I guess I really am a vocal chameleon!
      The Un-Common Baughdie Howes


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        I'm not sure if I already told you (if I did, I'll just say it again here for everyone) but I received the DVD some time ago and have to say it is pretty darn amazing. Great job and I look forward to seeing everything in the end. Thanks for including me with the theme music.