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You are of the '80s if...

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  • You are of the '80s if...

    You might be an Australian child of the 70s/80s if...
    You remember Hector the Road Safety Cat sing: "look to the right, look
    to the left, and look to the right again; then if the road is clear of
    traffic; walk straight across the road, DONT RUN!, walk straight across
    the road"
    You remember the Ma-na-ma-na song - done by the MUPPETS.
    20c worth of mixed lollies could last you hours...and 50c, well only
    older kids could afford that much. Icypoles were 5c and paddle pops were
    20 c.
    Sunnyboys and poppers were your stable school diet.
    You decided against rushing out and buying a CD player because you
    objected to the fact that you were being forced to change your
    Picture this ... after your nightly bath, in dressing gown, ugg boots or
    moccasins, bean bag, Milo, dumadumadumaduma-COUNTDOWN!!
    Summers were long and hot.
    Coke adds life!
    Fanta tasted like fanta should.
    There was Tang and Tab.
    Hey Hey Hey, it's Fat Albert time.
    You wondered how the Coke girls and boys got inside that big clear beach
    You remember the advent of AIDS, Ecstasy etc etc.
    You remember spending the whole day at the beach with no sunblock at all
    ................ whats more, you didn't get burnt - much.
    You wore a leather band around your wrist and believed that any boy/girl
    that broke it, you had to sleep with them.
    Basketball was only played by Americans.
    Dunlop Volleys were a viable option.
    Sneakers in general were sneakers and not more advanced than your
    Doctor Who scared you silly.
    You remember the FIRST space invaders (someone in your street had an
    Atari right?).
    You queued up to see The Village People Movie.
    You saw Grease and ET at the movies.
    You went to a Drive-in with your your pyjamas.
    You had a $50 walkman that had FAT headphones and chewed tapes after the
    first three days.
    You had a Commodore-64 that took hour to load each game.
    Microbees were advanced.
    Floppy disks were ACTUALLY floppy.
    You actually went through at least one pair of thongs/flip-flops a year because you
    wore them so much.
    You remember when the first people in your street got a video machine,
    it was top loading and there was no such thing as a remote control.
    Beta vs. VHS wars.
    You remember a few years later they developed a remote control - but it
    was attached by a cord to the video that was always too short to operate
    it from the lounge anyway.
    Tommy Lee was known to you only for his musical abilities, not the ones
    shown in the video with Pammy Lee.
    I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby...
    It's the final countdown da na na na ...
    I wear my sun glasses at night...
    You were at school on Ash Wednesday 1983.
    You remember real water restrictions.
    You desperately desperately wanted one of those cool six wheeled buggies
    that the Banana Splits drove.
    Stubbing your toe whilst running across the road in summer barefoot,
    trying not to burn your feet raw was an annual experience.
    You remember those plastic "Peters" icecream signs glowing at the top of
    the milkbar.
    You watched Hey Hey It's Saturday..... before breakfast!
    You remember the fuss over the swearing in ET...did you hear the one
    about the father who dragged his kid screaming out of ET because of
    the "Penis breath" remark??
    High schools were high schools and Techs were techs...none of this
    Secondary College rubbish.
    Tab, so right for beautiful people.
    You remember Azaria Chamberlain.
    You used to go to VFL matches to see the South Melbourne Swans.
    Leopard footprints on the soles of your schoolshoes were ace!
    You saw Star Wars in the cinema (the first time).
    You remember buying Wham! on LP.
    Matchbox cars or Barbies were essential to your development.
    You had cardboard dolls (or your sisters did) that came with books of
    paper clothes that you tore out and stuck on the doll.
    The kid with the pool was your best friend...until someone got an
    INGROUND pool. wow!
    The only place you could get a pizza was Pizza Hut - and it was
    expensive !!!
    You put chip packets in the oven to make shrinkies.
    An essential part of your packed lunch in highschool was a Prima, unless
    you bought a frozen Sunny Boy.
    You played dress-ups in your parents funky clothes that you would kill
    to get your hands on now.
    You had a terry toweling hat that had yellow plastic sunglasses built
    into the brim that came down over your face.
    You weren't wearing flannelette because it was cool.
    You didnt want the hairdresser to cut above your ears until late high
    Fags were called fags and nobody batted an eyelid when 8 year olds
    walked down the street with a lolly/candy cigarette hanging out their mouth.
    You got tough summer feet every summer without trying.
    You remember when electric typewriters came in.
    You werent old enough to go to Alien.
    Watching Young Talent Time on a Sunday night.
    Waiting for Secret Squirrel every afternoon during school holidays.
    Trying to decide between watching The Goodies or Perfect Match every night.
    Thinking the greatest day of your life was when your school allowed you to wear Desert Boots.
    Making mix tapes recorded directly of the radio.
    Watching Scott and Charlene's wedding on Neighbours.
    Crying when Molly Jones died.
    Being given the day off school because Australia won the America's Cup.
    Wondering what the fuss was about when Tasmania was left of the map of Australia during the Brisbane Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.
    Bob Hawke shaking up Australian politics so much that even primary school kids talked about him.
    Playing 2 square (or 4, or 8, or 10, depending on how many kids there were wanting to play)
    I was made for loving you baby....
    You can't stop the music...
    Video killed the radio star....
    Hey mickey what a pity you don't understand...
    I come from a land down under...

    Any of this ring a bell??

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    You're also an 80s kid if you watched YCDTOTV religiously. How did I think of that one?


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      Of course - but that was too obvious