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Slime-making questions

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  • Slime-making questions

    I was very interested in making my own slime, eventually for a fan-made YCDTOTV project I am going to work on during the summer.

    I know slime can be made with any combination of ingredients like flour, oatmeal, jell-o poweder, food coloring, water, and pudding for example. What are the proportions of each ingredient used for the various recepies, like the YCDTOTV four/jell-o/water for example?

    My second question is this: how can I store the slime safely?

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    I made slime for a project also. I used the flour and water mixture and then added packets of lime jello until it was the right shade of green. You kind of have to use your own judgement for how watery you want it to be since they did use all sorts of varieties on the show.

    If you're going to get slimed with that just keep in mind that it takes about two showers to get that stuff out of your hair, and it won't come off of certain types of clothing without really hard scrubbing (even dry cleaning won't work). It came off of my Adidas polyester soccer shorts in one wash, but I had a very hard time getting it off my cotton t-shirts and shorts.

    Also, it could help to use warm water if it's cold where you are. Another thing I've heard they used on YCDTOTV is cream of wheat. I've never tried it, but it may be less sticky. Does anyone know?
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      Does the quantity of slime impact at all the amount of time required to get it out of your hair?

      BTW, am I alone in thinking that a slime/sliming/slime-making forum should be made for posts like this?


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        I don't think it necessarily would. Most of it comes off after the first shower, but it helps to wait a little while for the second shower. You pretty much have balls of flour in your hair which may eventually flake off after a while.

        About your storing question, I left my slime out overnight and nothing happened to it. I guess after a week it would probably dry up and crack.


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          I haven't made slime in well over 10 years, but I was a pro at it as a kid through my teen-aged years. I never once used measurements; I kind of eyed it until the recipes matched the consistency of what I saw on the show.

          The best result recipe is the Cream of Wheat combo, in my opinion. I never made it with the liquid latex like a couple of the later cast members told me Dean made it, so that's something you'll have to try at your own risk. However, I (and my friends) never had a problem with getting it out of hair or fabric. Maybe the baby shampoo added to each bucket aided in that not happening.

          Anyhow, best of luck with your project. Feel free to send pics our way so we can add them to the Slime Wall of Shame!
          Ric de Barros


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            Originally posted by Ric View Post
            Anyhow, best of luck with your project. Feel free to send pics our way so we can add them to the Slime Wall of Shame!

            Thanks, and I definately will do that.