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1981 episodes when YCDTOTV was on Nickelodeon

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  • 1981 episodes when YCDTOTV was on Nickelodeon

    I noticed when You Can't was still shown on Nickelodeon, the 1981 episodes were rarely ever repeated or even shown in the later years of rotation. I noticed this particularly around the late 80s (maybe 1988 unitl it went off the air in 94). Does anybody why the 1981shows weren't shown in the later years of the YCDTOTV rotation?

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    Mr. Hendricks, correct me if I'm wrong, but the 1981 episodes were "retired" from Nickelodeon's rotation in 1985 (with a rare exception or two) during a "Moldies But Oldies" contest week.

    I believe the main reason was that the 1981 season was leased to Nickelodeon and the contract ran out. Because Nick had enough episodes in the bag specifically produced for them starting in 1982, Nick didn't feel they needed to continue to pay for the 81's, especially because the episodes were older and dealt with more mature teen topics (Smoking, Drugs, Crime) that didn't cater to their younger-skewing target audience.

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      Ahhhh, ok that makes sense. Yeah those 81 episodes were a bit riskee, albeit some of the best and rawest episodes made. I do remember seeing only a few back in 87. I think they were the Peer Pressure, Inequality and even the Drugs episodes. For the most part, those episodes were very rarely shown. I never got to see any of the 81' eps again after that.