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Who would you invite back for a reunion

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    Hope you didn't take too much time over that!

    I have to admit, though, you're talking to a lifelong computer novice here. If I can get Microsoft Word to open the identical file I saved the night before, it's cause for celebration. I can't access this board half the time, let alone type Mr. ****burn's surname!
    "Now me, I play for fortune
    And those velvet curtain calls
    I've got a black limousine and two gentlemen
    Escorting me to the halls
    And I'll play if you have the money
    Or if you're a friend to me
    But the one-man band
    By the quick-lunch stand
    He was playing real good
    For free..."
    -Joni Mitchell


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      As a lifelong YCDTOTV fan, this news of a new sitcom is music to my ears. Will it only air in Canada or is it going international? Just asking. (I live in Kansas City, Kansas in the United States of America.)
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        Sorry for bumping, but was curious as to what's become of this project.


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          Originally posted by banana man View Post
          After watching Project 131, I got to thinking who would I invite back if I were to set one of these up today.

          Kevin Kubusheskie - Most recognized early boy
          Brodie Osome - Did good job in project 131
          Zilch - Taking over Barths
          Alasdaire - Most recognized boy, period.
          Dougie - with Vanessa of course
          Adam Reid - He would be writing it too
          Token boy from the new episodes: Chris Bickford - He was the host

          Moose - Obviously
          Lisa Ruddy - Classic Girl
          Marjorie Silcoff - Great in project 131
          Vanessa - with Dougie of course
          Liz Richardson - She was hot, so why not
          Cyndi Kennedy - See Liz Richardson
          Token girl from the new episodes: Jill Stanley - She apparently has quite a following.

          Throw in some cameos and a musical number from Alanis, and it would be a great 1 hour special. Ok, make it 2 hours.

          What stars would you invite instead?
          "Tokens" from the 1989-90 episodes? You're an idiot.


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            Musical guest for the reunion: Alma Faye Brooks


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              Time to revive this thread with the 40th anniversary of YCDTOTV coming, I wonder if this could be an opportunity for a reunion?


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                Some of the cast and crew get together for panels once in a while. I watched this one the other day:


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