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Barth's Burgery/Firing Squad Sketch #2

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  • Barth's Burgery/Firing Squad Sketch #2

    Since That Thread was closed for unknown reasons, I might as well open a whole new one. I was gonna post some new ones I thought of when it happened anyways.

    Firing Squad Sketch:

    (El Capitano prepares to fire while a Kid names James who is age 12, was playing with a Tablet which is a Kindle Fire HD)

    El Capitano: Ready. Aim... (Pauses and looks at James with the Kindle Fire)What are you doing? You're suppose to get shot.

    James (looks up to El Capitano): Oh I'm Sorry. I was playing Angry Birds on my Tablet.

    El Capitano: He's got a tablet amigos (Him and the Amigos are laughing) What is a Tablet?

    James: It's the newest device today. It's handy for using the internet, taking pictures, doing blogs, and play games.

    (James hands El Capitano the Kindle Fire as he stands in front of him in firing range.)

    El Capitano: Let me see there. It's everything you said. I recognize this name. It says Kindle FIRE.

    (Gunshots Fired at El Capitano)

    El Capitano: Ohhhh. (Hands The Kindle Fire to James) You may go now.

    James: Thanks (He walks off screen)

    El Capitano: That's One...Sneaky ...Kid. And One Sneaky Device. (Falls to the Ground)

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    The tablets, Ipad and all, there would be lots of potential to do an episode about that featuring the Doctor, Snake Eyes, Blip, Mr and Mrs Prevert, Nasty, Ross, the principal, Mr. Scheidler, the coach, the camp consoulor.


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      Indeed it does sound like a good idea.


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        Barth's Burgery

        (In this Sketch there was a 10 year old girl names Jill and a 12 year old named Kevin. Barth was in the cash register checking out the menu with his new iPad while the two of them were eating Burgers)

        Jill: Hey Barth

        Barth: Yeah, Jill.

        Jill: Isn't that the new iPad Mini.

        Barth: Yeah, You better believe it. It lets me check out some of the recipes I can use for my Hamburger Mix. It's real handy too.

        Kevin: Really, Barth?

        Barth: (walking up to Kevin) Yep Sure is, Kevin. The sad thing about it is that I lost the old iPad I had a few years ago. It was broke and can't connect to the internet anymore.

        Jill: That's too Bad. What did you do with the old broken iPad you had?

        Kevin: What do you think's in the Burgers?

        Barth: DAH! I HEARD THAT! Here. Have a nice iPhone Burger (He Shoves the burger with the iPhone in his mouth.)


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          I wrote a script for an episode featuring the internet and new technology years ago. I made up new kids rather than using real YCDTOTV cast members, though. You can read it here if you want. ----->
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