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wishful pre-empts with the following tv shows:

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    WKRP in Cincinnati moved to Newsradio won't be seen tonight, instead we present a radio show on tv. (topic: radio shows)
    You can't do that on Television had been a You Can't do that on Radio production.

    By curiosity, I wonder if someone had any ideas of pre-empts with Dr.Who, Icarly, Victorious, Degrassi?


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      Originally posted by ChrisKun2K5 View Post
      Incidentally, for those of you who aren't anime fans and might not have understood my pre-empt, Inuyasha is a half-human, half-demon with doglike ears and claws. If you're familiar with Ranma 1/2 or Urusei Yatsura, it's from the same creator, Rumiko Takahashi. Cartoon Network airs the TV anime.

      Anyway, more pre-empts, starting with another anime one...

      "Sailor Moon Gets Totally Eclipsed" will not be seen at this time, in order that we may bring you the following disaster of astronomical proportions. (Astronomy, Stars and Planets)
      "You Can't Do That On Television" has been a Black Hole production.

      "20/20 Goes Blind" will not be seen at this time. In its place, we present the following breach of journalistic integrity. (Journalism and the News)
      "You Can't Do That On Television" is now Yesterday's News. Thank goodness!
      "Dog the Bounty Hunter Gets A Flea & Tick Bath" will not be seen at this time, so that we may present the following show that most would consider inhumane. (PETS)
      "YSCDTOTV" has been a Talk-To-The Animals Production.
      ANNOUNCER: If I could talk to the animals, I'd tell them to pretend they never saw this show.

      "'Much Ado About Nothing' featuring the cast of 'Jersey Shore'" will not be seen at this time, so that we may destroy and maim the English language with the following presentation. (THEATRE)
      "YSCDTOTV" has been an Exit-Stage-Left Production.


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        Jared Fogel fattenes himself up again by eating at McDonalds will not be seen at this time. In its place, we present the following unhealthy program.

        You can't do that on Television has been a Biggest Loser production. Cut to announcer: I agree, no one on this show is a winner.


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          I finally found one with Dr. Who.

          "Doctor Who waiting at the emergency room won't be seen today, in its place, we present a much more urgent program."
          YCDTOTV had been a not urgent program anyway.
          (topic: emergencies)


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            the Power Rangers inducts Bioman to the Annual Sentai Hall Of Fame will not be seen as this time, instead we will bring you a program that brings a lot of hallucinatory effects to its viewers, young and old. haha.

            You Can't Do That On Television has been a Doctor Mann Fans' Club Production...
            (FYI, Doctor Mann is the lead villain of the Bioman, a Japanese Predecessor of the Power Rangers in the early 80s)


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              It's been a while But I think I can make up a few Pre-empts:

              "The Maury Show featuring Special Guest CM Punk" will Not be shown at this time. In It's Place, we will present the Following Pipe Bomb (Laughs) (Rumors and Gossip)

              YCDTOTV Has been a National Enquirer Production. (Cut to Announcer) You know one of these days I'll need to call them so I can explain to them just how bad this show was. (He noticed he's still on the air) Uh-oh!


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                "The Rock's Kitchen With Dwayne Johnson" will not be seen at this time So that you may be able to Smell What The Rock Is Cookin' With the following program.

                "Top Chef With your host Ryback" Will not be Shown at this time, because unfortunately Ryback ate all of the food. In its place we will present The following program that won't give you indigestion. (Food and Cooking)

                YCDTOTV has been a "Feed Me More" Production. (Cut to Announcer, looking to his left.) May I help you?

                (Ryback walks into the Announcer Studio)

                Ryback: FEED...ME...MORE. FEED...ME...MORE!


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                  "Jersey Shore" Has been cancelled due to the effects of Hurricane Helms (WWE Superstar/wrestler) In its place we'll present the Following Natural Dissaster.

                  YCDTOTV Has been a Mother Nature Production (Cut to Announcer) Yeah. I wish She can make a big storm in this program, So I can take a much needed vacation. (Weather and Forcast)


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                    "The Fairly Oddparents special Grow Up Timmy Turner at the retirement house" will not be seen at this time. In its place we present a show who don't retire.

                    YCDTOTV had been a back to work production.


                    • Here's my idea for an preempt for an episode about cooking:

                      "Kitchen Nightmares at a school cafeteria" will not be seen at this time because Gordon Ramsay ended up getting salmonella, e-coli, and who knows what else. In its place, we present the following regurgitated program.

                      You can't do that on television has been a loss of appetite production. (Cut to announcer) I just lost my appetite from watching this show.


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