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Script of New Episode of YCDTOTV Part 2

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  • Script of New Episode of YCDTOTV Part 2


    Frankie walks into the Detenion Hall with Mikey close behind. Mikey is wiping some of the slime off of his hair. Inside, ALASDAIR from the old cast is sleeping on one of the desks. In the desk next to him is a new face. She is about 35, dark skin, with hair pulled back into a puff. She's dressed like she just got out of work and she, too, is sleeping. The PRINCIPAL is sitting at the desk, looking at Frankie and Mikey

    PRINCIPAL: Welcome to Detention, new students. Alasdair!

    Principal throws a paper ball at Alisdair. He wakes up, stirring slightly.

    ALASDAIR: What's going on? Can I go home now?

    Alasdair slowly looks around his surroundings and realizes where he is.

    ALASDAIR (cont'd): No! I didn't make it!

    PRINCIPAL: That's right. You didn't finish your detention work when you first left and can't leave until it's done. You two sit down. I'll have your detention work in a moment.

    Principal looks at a stack of papers next to Alasdair. He picks up the pile and throws it away.

    ALASDAIR: Sir! That was my detention! I... I only had two words to go!

    PRINCIPAL: Yes, but since you fell asleep, that means you have to start ALL OVER! Now, for all of you, I want you to open your dictionaries and copy pages six through... 412,795.

    FRANKIE: Detention? I didn't even DO anything!

    MIKEY: Yeah, we just showed up and we're already in detention? What is this, school?

    PRINCIPAL: Ah, but you forgot. This is where you will learn the rules.

    MIKEY: What rules?

    At this point, the woman lifts her head and turns around to face Mikey.

    WOMAN: Rule #1 on the show. Never question the Boss.

    FRANKIE: And who are you, ma'am?

    ALASDAIR: Yeah. You weren't part of the original cast.

    WOMAN: My name's NIKKI. You can just call me Nikki. I was an understudy for the show; never made it on set.

    MIKEY: Why not?

    NIKKI: I asked the Boss why I wasn't going to be on the show. That's when I got sent here.

    MIKEY: OK, this is crazy. Sir, is there another way we can do this detention?

    PRINCIPAL: As a matter of fact, yes there is.


    Mikey is standing in the center of the link set. All of the slime has been cleaned off and is wearing a new set of clothes. He's staring right into the camera.

    MIKEY: By now, you might have guessed that today's show is all about new things. It's those things that you have never seen before, done before... even people you've never met.

    Alasdair walks on set.

    ALASDAIR: Hey, Mikey.

    MIKEY: Yes, Alasdair?

    ALASDAIR: I don't think you knew this, but... I was a host of this show all those years ago.

    MIKEY: Yes, I know. Loved your work.

    ALASDAIR: Thanks. Well, uh... I'd like to have my old place back if you don't mind.

    MIKEY: That's not my call to make, Alasdair. You'd have to take that up with the Boss.

    Alasdair looks a little sad and shuffles his feet slightly.

    ALASDAIR: Well... OK. But, there's something you should know.

    MIKEY: What's that?

    ALASDAIR: Never say water.

    Alasdair gets drenched. Mikey starts to smile.

    MIKEY: I will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you.

    ALASDAIR: Ya know, there is one thing that isn't new after all these years.

    MIKEY: And that is?

    ALASDAIR: The material.

    Mikey nods and smiles slightly.


    Alasdair and Frankie are sitting at the table waiting for their food. Frankie looks around the place while Alasdair has a look of dread.

    FRANKIE: Alasdair, what's wrong?

    ALASDAIR: Well, this is Barth's. This is where all the cast members come to eat.

    Frankie turns up his nose, sniffing the air. He gets a disgusted look on his face.

    FRANKIE: Ugh! What is that horrible smell?

    ALASDAIR: That would be the food, Frankie.

    FRANKIE: Aww... it's rank, dude! Isn't there somewhere else we can go?

    Alasdair looks down at the table before answering.

    ALASDAIR: Well, Frankie, it's... hard to explain.

    A chef that looks as disgusting as the smell Frankie portrays enters. He's carrying two plates of food that look crusted over and moving slightly. He wears a nametag of GARTH.

    GARTH: Daaa... here ya are, kids. Fresh Barthy Burger Special. Just for you.

    Frankie looks afraid to speak. Alasdair looks up at Garth.

    ALASDAIR: Where's Barth?

    GARTH: Well, my dad took a long vacation after he won the lottery. Left uh me in charge of the place. You two are the first customers I've seen in years so I wanted to do something special for you.

    FRANKIE: What's so special about this?

    GARTH: It's a new recipe I made up a while back and I made sure I had the ingredients saved up so that when I had customers again I'd serve them something they'd enjoy. Real first time cuisine for old Barth's.

    ALASDAIR: Getting something edible at Barth's would be a first.

    GARTH: D I... heard that.

    Frankie looks through the moving food to find letter noodles. Rearranging the pieces slightly, he starts to read the letters.

    FRANKIE: Stage left, voice over... this looks like a script.

    ALASDAIR: This is a low budget show, Frankie. What do you expect, new material? No wonder the show was cancelled.

    FRANKIE: Then, why can't the writers just make up new scripts?

    ALASDAIR: What do you think's in the burgers?

    GARTH: D I...

    An alarm sounds in the kitchen. Garth takes off to address that while Frankie and Alasdair bolt out.


    Mikey is reading a book at the table. A LIBRARIAN is sitting at a desk close by watching Mikey's every move. Nikki walks over to Mikey, carrying a stack of papers in her hand.

    NIKKI: There ya go, Mikey. A new stack of papers.

    MIKEY: Oh, thanks, Nikki. I needed those.

    NIKKI: What exactly are you trying to do anyway?

    Mikey motions for Nikki to sit down and lean closer. Nikki follows his lead, unsure of what's going on.

    MIKEY: I think the producers are trying new ideas out for another show. But, they couldn't find any new cast members. So, they must have found a way to bring me here to do just that.

    NIKKI: That doesn't answer why you need all this paper.

    MIKEY: I'm trying to make notes on everything in this library. There has to be something around here that gave this place the idea of bringing us here. Nothing personal, but I'd like to get back to my normal life.

    NIKKI: Mikey, there's something you should really understand.

    MIKEY: Well, tell me. Maybe my research will go faster.

    NIKKI: It's Rule #2. Once you're in... you can never get out. Take a look at Alasdair and me. The others are probably somewhere on the set and we haven't found them yet.

    Mikey looks around with a little sadness, but there is hope behind those eyes.

    MIKEY: Then we'll have to make a new way out. If I got in, there's a way to get out.

    LIBRARIAN: Shhh! This is a library, not a social corner. Both of you, get out. There are people trying to study!

    NIKKI: But, no one else is around.

    LIBRARIAN: Exactly. I am trying to study my lines. Now march!

    Mikey sighs and exits with Nikki close behind. The librarian heads over to the piles of books and paper that Mikey was working with and thumbs through them.

    LIBRARIAN: He has no clue. Excellent! We'll have him yet.

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    ohhhh thank you for this post... well done!