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  • Need help with a scene...?

    Hey everybody... I watched the show religiously every day that I knew it was on... In any case there was a scene that I remember and have never forgotten, but I don't remember what episode it was in... It was set in the movie theater and some of the kids were in there and weren't supposed to be and then they notice Dad (Les Lye) is in the theater too just as he notices them... He is apparently not supposed to be there either... They promptly agree not to tell on each other that they were there... I don't even remember exactly which kids were in this scene... Although I think one of them might have been Doug Ptolemy...? Any help would be appreciated...

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    hello,im glad to know you need help about the scene.

    check this outM5072A


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      Just an update... I found the episode... Chores from 1989... Does anyone know what episode the hell's classroom scene was in...? Thanks in advance...