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  • almost one jeer ago

    It is hard to believe that it has almost been one year (I spelled it "jeer" on purpose, because that's the way a childhood friend pronounced it) since the last SlimeCon catvention (I spelled that wrong on purpose, too, because I like cats).

    I admit, I only went to meet my favorite cast member--Adam Reid, and he wasn't there. For those of us who saw this show as kids I am sure you can relate--there was one child you related to the most, and for, that was Adam. His persona was my personality (or close to it) at that age. I really wish I would have known about and gone to the first Convention, when he was there.

    Don't even TALK to me about time machines. First, as far as I know, there is no such thing. Second, even if there were, you know that regular people would not have access to it (like space travel). Someone would use it to prove or disprove scientific theories, and that would be about it.

    I suppose if there were a time machine I wouldn't go back to the first Convention anyway. I would go back to when the series was actually being filmed. Then, of course, something ironic would happen--I'd end up on the show and Adam Reid would be wishing he had made it to the Convention I was at--you know--you've seen "The Twilight Zone".

    PLEASE NOTE: The entirety of this message is not to be taken absolutely seriously, and i did enjoy meeting the people I did meet--cast members and fans--but I would like to meet Adam Reid. After all, he's worked with "The Facts of Life" girls, minus Jo.

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    I agree that Adam Reid is the MAN! He was always my favorite and, in my opinion, one of the best child actors on the show. I was really bummed when I had a really bad automobile accident just days before the first convention, and I couldn't go. (I would have scared Adam away anyway with all the stitches in my head ).

    So, uh, does anyone know if Adam is single?


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      First, as far as I know, there is no such thing.
      I can bet you thatwithin 100 years that might become less true, but until then we will have to suffer while they work out the bugs of the theories and stuff.


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        a joke

        Hehe! This reminds me of a joke I heard: This guy goes out to work, and finds an insurance sitting on his car , arms spread out. So he asks "Hey insurance what are you doing hugging my car?", and the insurance answers "I'm not hugging, i'm a BLANKET".


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          Another Nick Show

          First, read the Title

          2nd, "Figure it out!"

          Man, I would have loved to have seen that show with YCDTOTV cast members. Oh, man! Bring back Family Double Dareand say hello to cast of YCDTOTV.


          Laets play a game of Celebrity Family Fued with the Cast of YCDTOTV
          "Multiple personality? They haven't got ANY personality on this show. Oh!"


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            I'll be on your team Radamus!!! Where do I sign up?
            Can green slime be a different color?