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What is your favorite part of Ottawa?

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  • What is your favorite part of Ottawa?

    Greetings fellow Slime Admirers! I was just remembering the great time I had at SC04 and I was curious to know what the fellow SlimeCon attendees thought about Ottawa. What was your favorite part of the city (Besides SlimeCon)? I am planning on going back to Ottawa this late summer. I hope to read some great insight!
    Ohh Yeah.....This is the good stuff!

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    Things I liked about Ottawa...

    #1. Downtown near Parliament is exquisite. It is probably the neatest downtown I've ever seen, with Chicago running neck-in-neck.

    #2. I liked the Sparks St. Mall. There's all sorts of local restaurants, bistros, and gift shops.

    #3. If you get a chance, take a Haunted Walk of Ottawa tour. It was a blast. You get a good walk around downtown, it's at night so you get a different view of the city, and you learn a lot about the history of the town. Plus, you get some good ghost stories too


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      What Is Your Favorite Part Of Ottawa?

      I would've been happy to have taken in everything to do with SlimeCon, alas I still had time to see the Parliament Buildings and stroll around that area. (Yes, the Sparks Street Mall is definitely quaint; I'm sure seasoned tourists would have more to say than I have).

      One place I did fancy is Birdman Sound - a record shop on Bank Street, a block south of the 417. For those who like punk, post-rock/experiment, noise, electronic, folk, and maybe hip-hop and country - all the styles that are cool because they fly below the mainstream radar I'd come back and stop by there again. Pretty small shop but from what I saw there it seemed that one side had the CDs but if you're a vinyl afficianado you could turn 180 degrees and the 7/10/12" would be immediately on the other side. I'm sure most of you know of a way cooler record store in your town but if you're in Ottawa I'd suggest flying over to Birdman.
      The whole experience for me was a very enlargening one because I came to know and feel--understood a whole kind of world that was really new and alien to me, and I always had a certain feeling... because of the events that happened here.
      - Truman Capote


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        I didn't really go anyway outside of the Convention and the motel I stayed in. Still, the entire place seemed very nice. When I think of "down"towns I think of horrible slimeholes of violence and disapair, but that wasn't Ottawa, it's a very beautiful and spacious place.


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          Less than 60 Days till I drag my wonderful girlfriend to Ottawa to share the beauty of Canada and YCDTOTV! We plan to stop at Harveys and the Dairy Queen after dropping by the CJOH studios...for a quick glance of TV history! I am still looking for some great insight on Ottawa. I would love to hear all about it! TAKE Care and Happy Canada Day to all of the wonderful YCDTOTV Canadaian Fans!!!!
          Ohh Yeah.....This is the good stuff!


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            WOW how exciting!


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              Hi there. I think you got some of this wrong. But on the other hand there are a few things you acctually convinced me with. Can you add more to that?


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                Never been to Ottawa but after seeing YCDTOTV, I've always wanted to go (with the hope of running into one of the cast).


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                  well Ottawa is way too big of a city for me. I would rather spend my days in Moosejaw, and I am not talking about Christine. ahhahah. they should put the con in other cities like Regina or Orlando. well at least orlando.. home of the slime and TNA
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