Hey, you guys...

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  1. RadamusPrime
    What would be some good Locker Jokes for today. You know, just to throw around for old times sake.

    Hey, Adamus..

    Yes, Prime..

    Did you know YCDTOTV created the slime Nickelodeon has adopted as its trademark?

    Well, no, Adamus, I didn't. That's an interesting fact.

    Yeah, and apparently the new President of Nickelodeon adopted it, too. The name, I mean. Well, at least thats what everyone is calling him these days because he stoppped the Nickelodeon Rewind Collection.
  2. jakepeter11
    Hey jake?

    Yes peter?

    When do you do your homework?

    At school, why?

    I was told i was to do it at home by my teacher's.

    Well, as you know, your teacher's hate you.

    Oh, that's right.
  3. RadamusPrime
    Hey, Jakepeter?
  4. smileygirl444


    Will I get in trouble for something I didn't do?

    No. Why?

    I didn't do my homework.

    Got that out of a jokebook
  5. jakepeter11
    Yes Radamus
  6. RadamusPrime
    to jakepeter11

    I'm sure you've heard about the chicken that crossed the road, right? But did you hear about the why the chicken crossed the park?
  7. jakepeter11
    I've heard of the road one, but why no, I don't know why he crossed the park.
  8. RadamusPrime
    to jakepeter11

    Well, yeah, the chicken crossed the park to get to the other slide!<<<Ha, Ha! I kill me!Thats what ALF would say.
  9. RadamusPrime
    Hey, Jakepeter11!

    Did you hear about what happened to the guys who were posting too much?
  10. jakepeter11
    diddn't they get nagged on a little?
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