Our First Untruths

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  1. RadamusPrime
    Okay, so I heard that RIC used a projector & the whole side of his house to earn the highscore on mini-pacman. But you didn't hear it from me.

    Also, the LockerMonster is really a puppet who lives in a garbage can. But my source wishes to remain A.nonymous

    Oh, and Jakepeter11, he's using computer glitches to earn all the new highscores at Blip's Arkaid. But, I'm keeping tight lips on that one.

    And straight from Barths Burgey, I heard that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is on the leaderboard at Blips. He claims he'd have made a good cast member. And is supposed to go to a new audition that was posted in a thread on YDDTOTV.
  2. smileygirl444
    I heard that Dancy's cousin is a professional computer hacker and that Dancy has so many highscores because his cousin hacks the games for him. But I didn't say anything
  3. jakepeter11
    I heard that gamerbeater has a grudge against RadamusPrime, but you heard it from

    I said nuthin'
  4. smileygirl444
    I heard gamerbeater actually has a grudge on jakepeter11, and that jakepeter11 only said that gamerbeater has a grudge on RadamusPrime to hide that

    But you didn't hear it from me
  5. jakepeter11
    This is only untruths, not truths.
  6. RadamusPrime
    No truth to that Jakepeter.
  7. RadamusPrime
    I heard that ilovesam333 is really..er,uh, I won't mess with this one
  8. RadamusPrime
    By the way, you didn't hear it from me, but I just got wind of something awful from Micah
    & boy has it burned my nose hairs. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Oh, something going around the site, Dancy's cousin isn't a hacker. Nope. Its Dancy!!
  9. jakepeter11
    i heard Smillygirl444 isn't really that smilly
  10. ilovesam333
    Radamusprime talks trash about people including me!
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