Fake names

  1. jakepeter11
    We'll make up names to use here, mine is ' I said nuthin' '
  2. RadamusPrime
    Im not understanding this one, Nephew. Are you saying you want us to come up with other names? Whats wrong with RadamusPrime? Its saying my name and that Im rad. Or, are you saying you want code names? Please ellaborate on this one Jakepeter11. Did you drink too much Nyquil? Are you feeling okay? You should try some sage & oregano.
  3. jakepeter11
    It's so we can post that as the person not revealing ourselves
  4. RadamusPrime
    Good play, Jakepeter11. So now your fake name can be Max!
  5. RadamusPrime
    You never got back to me on that. Oh, wait.........I guess you did on Facebook. I still don't know (what was that slimed smilie?) what you mean about fake names.
  6. RadamusPrime
    (Just to type something new)--Max was the name of the alien in, "Flight of the Navigator," voiced by, "Pual Moll," whose also known as, Pee-Wee Herman.--Interesting enough, Pee-Wee has a Broadway Show & HBO will be broadcasting filmed version of that show very soon. Its already taped; and I saw Pee-Wee on a show with, Mario Lopez, from Saved By The Bell, just a few hours ago.
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