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Thread: Why was the green slime so popular?

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    Default Why was the green slime so popular?

    Everyone who watched ycdtotv anxiously awaited a scene where a hapless character would say "I don't know" but why? Why were we so infatuated with seeing people get green gunk dumped on their heads?
    What about green slime was so darn appealing? Was it just the pure mean joy of seeing other people get humiliated?
    Or was it cool because it was all gloppy and yucky?
    Why were we so green slime crazy back in the 80's?
    Why did you like those scenes?

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    I think because it was so gross and unexpected. It's like watching a horror movie, you know the monster will jump out at you sometime or another and scare the pants off of you but you keep watching anyway! It's precisely what kids love! I also believe it's the anticipation of the whole thing. Who's going to get conned this time? Everyone wants to see their favorite slimed for some perverse reason!
    "I heard that!"

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    the whole unexpected scary horror movie element you were talking about scared me as a kid. I would sometime hide my eyes when I would see the link set come on the screen cause that was where it aways happened.
    I would get especially scared if I saw Christine because she ALWAYS got the slime!

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