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    I don't know if anyone else remembers this, but a few years ago I took the mountain of raw footage at my disposal of the first Slimecon (as well as my library of YCDTOTV and WTYO episodes) and cut it into a sort-of documentary film not so much about the convention as it was about the show. I eventually posted the final cut to YouTube and posted the link here. Of course, the YouTube channel it was posted on is long gone, so I was thinking maybe I'd go back and post it again on my new channel. So today I took a look at the copy of the film I have on my flashdrive, and my heart sank. I thought the film itself was great and I was proud of it and all, but the technical quality was simply horrendous. There is no way I can post it. (This has more to do with my lack of knowledge at the time about how to correctly capture video files, the multiple times the files were copied and re-copied as I edited, not to mention the fact that many of the episodes of the show in my collection were not in the best shape). I feel bad about this, so I'm making a kind-of half-joking appeal here to anyone who might want to help me out. If anyone out there reading this has access to the raw footage shot by Troy (I still have my original tape of the footage I shot) in really good condition, as well as great-quality copies of certain episodes (if requested I can make a list of the ones I'd need), would they be willing to help me out so I can reconstruct this film and eventually post it again? (I don't entirely expect a "yes" on this, but hey, I can ask....) Thanks in advance.
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    I'd love to see a new version, but for old time's sake, you should post the old one too. We'd all love to see it, I'm sure, and no one will laugh at your former video editting skills. It has been 8 years afterall.

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    I should clarify that the new version would be more or less identical to the old one. It would strictly be a question of the picture quality (aside from a few other nips and tucks that detaching myself from the film for four years has allowed me to imagine). My main problem with the version of the film I saw today stemmed from the terrible video quality that came from the editing techniques and poor quality source material I was using.
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    Kindly share here if you get hold if it. I am also looking for them.

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