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    Hey folks,
    We have edited in the existing live bands into the epidoes of WTYO but sadly the Summer Camp/Fan Letters and Public Transit/Kidnapped ones are missing If anyone out there has them please contact us as there's bound to be someone out there who taped these when they were on YTV. Maybe Kevin Schenk has these shows since he appeared in them. Anyhow we are having these DVDs available for trading and are put on professional menu's which come in 5 disks in a paper sleeve. Find out more at

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    It appears the people behind the website are taking a hiatus from trading these discs. Does anyone have this set and would be willing to trade with me? Please PM me if you do!

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    Hi Everyone.

    I am the co-webmaster of the WTYO Official Website -, and I am also open to trading this set as well. Send me a PM with a trade list, or if you don't have anything to trade, perhaps we can work something out. I am fairly quick in replying, so don't be afraid to give me a shout. Thanks a lot!


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    We are NOT on hiatus what do you have to offer?

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