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Thread: Found Green Slime Soap and Shampoo on eBay!

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    Default Found Green Slime Soap and Shampoo on eBay!

    Ok everyone. Here is probably your only chance to get original, vintage Nickelodeon YCDTOTV Green Slime Soap and Shampoo!!!!

    It is available on eBay from 1/8/06 through 1/15/06. Photos of both items posted.

    Check out this link:

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    FYI: Sold for $60.00

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    I wonder after all these years if that shampoo is still good to use but who would be dumb to open up a collector's item? Dang green slime shampoo...I've always wanted that .

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    I know, I always had to borrow my dad's Selsun Blue if I wanted to get slimed. And then I would have to settle for blue slime.

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    Blue slime, who wants blue slime when you can get green slime?!
    Can green slime be a different color?

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    i like lance prevert. but you have to remember that he played two different doctors. one was sorta like G. marx and the other was some wierd character

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