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Thread: The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Wom

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    Default The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Wom

    Who here remembers


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    I remember! I remember both the 6 million dollar man & Bionic Woman. While I was not with them, my parents saw a Bionic Woman stunt show @ Universal Studios. The Bionic Woman vs. maybe 5-6 guys pulling on a rope against each other. Of course, there was a machine helping the Bionic Woman. Also, they saw Lou F. being painted all in green before shooting an ep. of, The Incredible Hulk.--I tried the new Bionic Woman, but the 1st episode was it for me.
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    Wao.. Curious to see them. I'll search from Google about their complete historical background.. I am keen interested in such type of people, who have great name & unique living style..
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    Wow! Never seen that. But I will try searching if its available..

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