Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find tapes with originally YTV broadcasts as aired (with commercials), although in the case of some of the more rare shows (Puttnam's Prairie Emporium, Take Part, Waterville Gang, Edison Twins, etc) I'd also be happy with no commercials.

I'm in Vancouver, and have a large collection of local retro TV (mostly commercials from the local stations), with some full episodes with commercials intact as well.
If you have tapes with entire blocks of programming (2 hours+), I'm willing to pay as well. I'm happy to do a DVD swap (ideally if we're local we can save on postage and just swap in person), or even do a transfer over the net if you're okay swapping large amount of data (ISO files of full DVDs).

Not sure if anyone still has this stuff, but it would be amazing to find.